About The Artist

With a background in Politics (Edinburgh University) and Fine Art (Chelsea College of Arts) Degard’s pictorial practice exists on multi levels, from personal experiences of aetheric to questions of our consciousness, memory, our soul.
Degard’s work is held in collections largely in the UK and USA. Degard has exhibited widely in group and solo shows worldwide and continues to do so. See www.degard.org for updates.
The intention with her painting prints is to make these works accessible and enjoyed by many.

Degard has created a collection of more than 100 paintings of iconic individuals under the banner ‘an aetheric collection’. This series of unique paintings captures the AP of a range of past and present celebrities. Degard’s AP paintings essentially pictorialise the energy fields around these iconic individuals. The idea is to capture their consciousness – their essence in paint.

The merits of the Aetheric Movement were discussed at a recent full-day symposium, chaired by Degard, at The Royal Society of Arts, in March, entitled: ‘Unifying the arts, science and the divine……about time too!’.
The discussion saw a unique conversation between senior academics in the fields of science, religion, psychology, music, as well as leading figures in the art publishing and museum world. An article was posted about the discussion on the RSA website last month – more to come.
Degard has also recently published her book entitled ‘The First Book of Aethericism’ which articulates this new movement at www.aethericism.com